Monday Muse - Tomi Ungerer

It's Monday and summer is over and back to school is in full swing. Time for another busy season of life. I've been getting back into the swing of things, and I have a lot in the works for the rest of 2017. 

For today's Muse, I wanted to share illustrator Tomi Ungerer. Something a little fun, a little vulgar, a little tongue-in-cheek. The illustrations remind me of the kind you see in children's books and evoke the surreal feeling of a Shell Silverstein poem. "Ungerer is known for his sharp social satire and witty aphorisms". The works make the viewer laugh while simultaneously giving them something to think about. I love the fact that many of these works are intended to make people uncomfortable. People should be uncomfortable more. Confront what makes you uncomfortable. Learn from it, laugh at it. 

Enjoy a few of my favorites by Tomi Ungerer. Hope you have a great week!