In the Beginning There Was Stardust.

The story of Stardust Coyote

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to create things. It wasn't just art, but anything aesthetic. Decorating cupcakes, having fun with clothes, or working on an art journal, I have always loved to make things and make them beautiful.

In high school, I discovered that what I really wanted to do with my life was to be an artist. There was something powerful about creating works that conveyed a deeper meaning. Around this time, I also fell in love with mixed media. I loved learning new techniques, and with mixed media, I could combine them in any way I wanted. 

After high school, I moved to San Francisco to study Fine Art at Academy of Art University. I was so inspired by the city and the experiences that I had there, I learned so much. I finished my degree in Art Education in May of 2018. I attended SDSU for their credential program, becoming credentialed in May of 2019. I am currently seeking employment as a full-time art teacher.  

In 2012, I created Stardust Coyote to showcase my work as a mixed media and collage artist. I chose the name "Stardust Coyote" because I love the idea that we are all made of stardust, ancient atoms. Coyotes are my spirit animal and represent a paradoxical nature. Mixed media and collage use the juxtaposition of different mediums and images to create something new -- like an abstract watercolor burst intersected with meticulous line work or repurposed images like magazines cutouts that combine to create new meaning. I love using found materials in my work, and most of the things I use are upcycled from things that would have been thrown away. 

Stardust Coyote is my creative alter ego. I can create freely and try new things and push myself further. I love to experiment with new techniques. Some of my favorite mediums are watercolor and gouache, found imagery, glitter, gel medium, pen and ink, and linocut. Recently, I have been experimenting with digital media as well.

"Girl Time" is the first series that I exhibited publicly as Stardust Coyote. My collection, “Girl Time” is a mixed media series that features a marriage between some of my oldest loves: watercolor, collage, and simple pen. Using found and repurposed materials, my pieces address several themes concerning what it means to be a girl in the 21st century. I used the magazine photos to explore the themes of “Girl Time” such as sexuality, friendship, motherhood, work, and dreams. Watercolor has a fluid and feminine quality, while the pen is more rigid and masculine, which alludes to the duality of gender inside all of us. 

I continue to create and exhibit art throughout the San Diego area. Since 2012 I have participated in over 15 art shows, both group and solo. In upcoming work, I am exploring the relationship between the life we live online and our true selves. I also explore the use and disuse of the ephemeral objects in our every day lives such as toiletries, food wrappers, and single-use plastic waste. I have big plans for future works, including large scale collage projects and found object art.

I gather inspiration from everywhere around me, and always have a sketchbook or art journal with me. I'm inspired by fashion, art, music, pop culture, and the diverse city that I live in. Some of my favorite artists are M.C. Escher, Hieronymous Bosch, Francisco Goya, and Alan Aldridge. I love Japan and hope to visit Tokyo once I finish my BFA. I find Japanese culture, fashion, and design so inspiring. I'm obsessed with music and sometimes lose hours listening to songs on repeat. I also love cats and live with a crazy one named Kitty Hyna. I can't wait to make some more pieces to show you!

Stardust Coyote Manifesto

You have one life with which to do everything you want to do, act accordingly

Always be hustlin'

Acquire knowledge and skills

Focus on the task at hand

Never complain, never explain

Creation over consumption

Listen → observe → see → feel → think

Continually let go

Distill things down to their essence

Keep things clean and neat

Always use the least amount possible

Live life for aesthetics, knowledge, experience, and relationships